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Linda Clement and a nephew
Linda Clement, ThriveParent coach, author, & speaker

Understand & Be Understood


6 week self-paced online communication skills training course

Level up your communication in just 6 weeks, in this self-paced online course...

Linda has this amazing superpower that allows her to uncover family dynamics and situations that make things complicated for the family. Her expertise and knowledge are especially useful, but the best thing is that she provides tactical and actionable advice that you can start using right away. She makes her sessions fun and interactive and has helped my husband and me to better understand our16 year old girl. Less tears, less stress, more meaningful connections. Thank you, Linda!!  ~Andrea Ricárdez

What's Included

In Understand & Be Understood, you'll discover the barriers to communication that you're facing, as well as improving your ability to negotiate effectively, and handle your child's emotions with ease.


Imagine feeling connected and effective with your child...


Imagine handling your child's big feelings, and they're following instructions:

  • in a peaceful way that really works

  • without the conflict and strife

  • so they come to you when they're struggling

  • for a lifetime of peace in a loving family


Imagine knowing how to have peaceful, effective negotiations where everyone wins...


Parents who benefit from our online program are looking to:

Our courses may not be right for you...

Many parents aren't motivated to work through a recorded online course alone... and that's okay. 


Some parents need more support of a different kind, first. Whether it's because they need the accountability of a parenting coach to keep them focused on their goals, or their neurodiversity makes online content too difficult to focus on or learn from, or they need more help personalizing the information, and gaining the language to handle their own challenges, there are many reasons an online course doesn't really work for some.


We can still help, with our blogs and books, for parents who prefer to read and discover in silence, or with a confidential coaching program with personalized communication skills training, like the Family Skills & Stragegy program... which is also focused on developing better understanding of kids and how to communicate effectively with them...


There may be a high-conflict separation or custody issues that make this course too generic to meet their specific needs for deep listening, self-regulation, and handling toxic people. For these parents, the Deep Dive ThriveParenting program may be more suited to untangling the past to move strongly into the future...


And some parents just don't work well with Linda's quirky, light-hearted and often very direct style of instruction, because she talks fast, and sometimes mumbles. Whether you're a parent who needs a softer, more sombre approach, a more text-based (subtitled) video course, or just find sardonic wit to abrasive, we know that Linda is not everyone's cup of tea... and that's okay, too.


We happily refer parents to the program, course, book, or other expert helper (therapist or coach) we think is the most suitable to each parent.