Some of your insights are so profound. Are you like a trained something or other? What books have you read?

  What you said about order and security I can identify with in my own life. I have managed much of my adult life from a structured, ordered mindset, which “works” when it works. But then we re-ordered our life, moved (a lot), started self-employed, etc. and I found my ordering didn’t soothe me as much any more. What I needed to do was get to the root, which were/are some deep insecurities.

  In fact, you’ve just given words to a change and a transformation in myself that I haven’t quite been able to express or explain. Still more work to do but instead of trying to order my life to that point I keep seeing that the deep well is where the change must occur and any surface structuring is just that. So thank you.


Linda, not only do you have a fabulous name but your observations, comments and criticisms are extremely insightful.
  Just starting out on the journey with a five year old who everyone tells me "will be starting school in the fall". I feel like not exposing my children to the system at all is the best thing for them to grow to be themselves.   
  In any case, thank you for teaching me to be the bitch in the room. You blog posts are fascinating and incredibly helpful.

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ASHLEE SLONE | MOTHER-OF-NINE~2 sets of twins + 5

Linda is more than a parent educator, she is a friend.


  My journey has been long and at times painful but I'm so thankful for Linda, I'm a better version of me and a better mother. I'm thankful for her patience, her amazing ability to listen and allow for self exploration and realization (even though she knows and could tell you).

  When I needed a "help me now kind of advice" and not the "come to my own revelation in a few months" she offered a very straight forward easy respectful option every time.

  When I literally felt I couldn't take another step from overwhelm, she made herself available and walked me through it Linda, you are amazing!


Thank you so much for everything!