From  Lee-Anne  to  Everyone:

            Wow, what an awesome presentation!

 From  kelli to  Everyone:

            OMG, fantastic! And the work you do is admirable and IN NEED. Thank you for showing up for your clients. The world is a better place because of what you do!

 From  Lisa to  Everyone:

            Great presentation!

 From  Daniela to  Everyone:

            Linda has been supporting us for a long time and that has completely changed my approach as a parent. 

Winner of multiple speech contests, and several international writing contests, Linda also has experience as a stand-up comedian, MC, speech contest judge and conference coordinator.
Linda Clement

ThriveParenttm Coach, author & speaker

Linda Clement commands the stage with humour, insight and wisdom. She combines compelling stories and expansive knowledge with thought-provoking inspiration for audiences to quickly implement to transform their relationships and families.


Linda flips the script on childrearing, while cutting through mom-shaming and ancestor blaming, giving parents (and general audiences) the tools and knowledge they need to lead the next generation with compassion, connection and cooperation.


Linda has published three 5-star reviewed parenting books, including the ebook The Manual Your Child Came With, a parenting book about your child.


When she's not on stage, she's an adventurous cook and eager world traveller, mom of 2 women and grandma of 2 lads. 


Just wanted to drop a note to say a huge thank you for a fabulous presentation. I enjoyed every minute of it - I only wish those that registered but didn't show could have experienced it also - they have no idea what they missed!

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Judy Griffith, coordinator Valley Women's Association, Langley, BC

 From  Jennifer  to  Everyone:

            Anyone else tearing up or just me??

 From  Maryanne to  Everyone:

            omg I love it

 From  Karen  to  Everyone:

            Im not crying…you’re crying 😩

 From  Dr. Catherine to  Everyone:

            This is such important work you are doing

~live chat in zoom

Lee-Anne T, mother

Linda Clement flips the script on all things parenting. She's probably the most well-read person I have ever met, which is why her videos and presentations make me a better parent.

"You can't know everything about parenting. Everything is too big and it won't fit in your head."       ~Linda Clement

Linda's Background

Linda earned her Skilled Communicator designation in 2007, from International Training in Communication (formerly Toastmistress Clubs, since 1938).

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