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-- How Much Does It Cost to Stop Linda From Speaking?


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Most of the articles found under Words function as white papers -- featuring articles and article reprints of 400-2000 words in length, with pull quotes, contact information and re-use guidelines (gnu licence) in .pdf format.



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How Much Does it Cost to Have Linda Speak?


Linda is an eager and professional speaker, often available as a guest for your podcast, youtube channel, summit, or broadcast program. Speaker fees for keynotes, seminars, trade shows, conventions and lecture series vary depending on how many people are addressed, the nature of the event, the length and frequency as well as the distance travelled.

Fees for professional speaking engagements are arranged on a per-event basis because of the tremendous number of factors involved. For travelling engagements, speaking fees are in addition to travel and accomodation costs.

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What parents looking for coaching say, speakers' fees, booking Linda for your show, and some controversial quotes about bad parenting advice.

Is Linda Available to Interview?


Absolutely. Linda is available for any type of media interview: phone-in, live radio, television, online and print. 


Call 778.656-0982 to make arrangements or to interview directly (sometimes she answers the phones, you never know your luck!) or use the Contact form.


Do You Have Information Available for Backgrounders for Interviewers?


Check the Linda's Blog tab for words by Linda (blog books, article reprints), a wide array of information, opinion and background. Review copies of books available upon request.


A Few Quotes

No one gets up in the morning thinking 'how can I screw up my kid's life today?' even if that's what it looks like from the outside.

The only way you could get out of the mess you've made is by making the mess to get out of --blame doesn't help anyone improve their parenting skills.

Be nice to you're children's parents. You're nice people and you deserve kindness.

Miserable mothers have a way of spreading that around with a trowel.

Children come whole and good, and have no need for 'fixing' or 'breaking' -- two of the most atrocious ideas ever to become popular in parenting.

Consistency is a ruse: children need love, not mindless adherence to rules that aren't working.


No child needs more than three rules to thrive. 

All house rules should apply to all the people living in the house, whatever their ages, or rules are just a way to oppress children.

Wasting a child's time is no less reprehensible than wasting anyone else's time. 


It is impossible for a child to learn respect when their basic needs are dismissed.


Adults too often interpret child's behaviour through adult understanding and end up attributing children with motives that are vile... and adult, not innocent.

Children have an innate and unavoidable inner drive to mature and master their lives. Pushing doesn't make it go faster, it stops it.

Trust the world to provide natural consequences. Logical consequences are not logical to anyone but the adult who thought them up.

Once, men were allowed to hit their wives, employees, slaves, pets, and children. Now they're only allowed to hit their children. There is a lot wrong with that.

The sanest parenting is that which spends the least amount of time trying to alter fundamental reality, like what their children think.


Some children are harder to love than others. They also need loving the most when they deserve it the least.

We should be opposed to spanking, not on moral or ethical grounds (although it's wrong and disrepectful, for sure!) but because ​​​​​​it does not work. At all. It doesn't. 


Too much of the advice 'experts' give parents is simply mean to kids. Are we really actively seeking out ways to be vicious to our loved ones?


Comments clients make when seeking out ThriveParent Coaching:

  • I am really struggling with this new threenager phase, I thought the terrible twos were the problem, but man this is hard…

  • I know the step-parent is always the evil one, but I really want to connect to my partner’s kids the way I do with my own, I just don’t know how to get to them…

  • I have been talking to a counsellor, but all his advice seems to be making things worse with my kids. He’s a great listener for me, but he doesn’t seem to understand the connection I have with my kids…

  • The kids are fighting all the time … are they supposed to be doing that all day, every day?

  • Everyone else is having a party about school going back in, this summer I felt like we were missing something, and it’s just going to be harder with school …

  • Parents should get a manual when they have a child… (psst... Linda wrote one, check it out!)

  • Everyone’s pressuring me to change how I’m parenting, I feel really alone…

  • I wish more of our family time was peaceful and less of my week was so hectic…