There Will Always Be Rebels

    Browsing through an old portable hard drive, I have discovered some old writing... including some of my terrible, hilarious, weird poetry. This one goes, I think, with the post about how the curmudgeons always claim these kids are the 'worst ever'... check that one out here.

    Apologies are probably in order, but here goes:

    There Will Always Be Rebels  

    In the stillness of morning air

    3 small branches dancing there

    The apple tree is old and staid

    spring growth at the base of a small tree by Linda ClementBut in its small twigs, breezes played.

    'Settle down, you young'uns, there!'

    'You're going to get in someone's hair!'

    'Cut it out, you're such a clown'

    'Stop it or someone will cut you down'

    The voices called out in the dawn

    But twigs and branches danced full on

    As if they could not hear the strife

    Dancing, singing, full of life-sustaining

    As if to say

    'Life is dancing, swaying'

    'No memory remains of playing?'

    Hardened wood of olden days

    Value now, not youthful ways

    Even as the new growth plays

    Right they are and right they'll stay

    Creating rebels of innocent ways.

    by Linda Clement, copyright  2010


    And then complaining about their creation.



    Diane Young says (9-Mar-2021):

    Love it!

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