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  • Parenting Fail: My Thoughts on Go To Your Room and Its Terrible Tips for Raising Kids

    One of the most common comments about children not following the rules like perfect little robots is 'they're just testing your boundaries.'

    They're not.

  • Lonely Parents: Greatest Ways to Make a Thriving Village of Friends

    The Magic Takes a Magician While we may have found it easy or difficult of find friends as young children, most of us need a refresher course when either work, our immediate neighbourhood, or school is no longer supplying us with a sufficient quantity of people to pick from. Friend Making Refresher The first and most important thing anyone needs to make friends is a supply of new people. Places you can find new people: Neighbourhood groups, online and off (HOAs, strata councils, town councils, …

  • Respecting Children

    Respecting children as human being remains the biggest issue I stand up for at all times, against all comers... I've had firestorms in online chat rooms, facebook groups and email list (see how old I am, it's only because I was slightly too old that none of it happened on MySpace)... someone says something that is reasonable and popular, and Linda loses her bits, all over the place. Someone says, 'but kids have to fit into the real world.' No. No they don't. They're here to be cherished, nurture…

  • How Parents Accidentally Cause Trauma in Kids-- and 1 way to avoid it

    As a lifelong waterbaby, I spent a lot of time very happily in the water. Our spot on the beach was shady and warm, the lake was cool and perfect for swimming and the beach was perfect for picnics and suntanning. There were a lot of other people, teens in groups, friends in pairs, and families, who agreed. It was a very busy beach. My enjoyment of the day was upset as I watched in distress as a dad was happily and accidentally traumatizing his baby. I noticed them because although they were 200 …

  • Chores and Children: Parents are Astonished to Discover What Really Works

    Surrender to the necessity of the task

    Before enlightenment: chop wood, carry water
    After enlightenment: chop wood, carry water

    There will be no time in your life when feeding and cleaning does not need to be done, however much modern conveniences ease the work. Accept that it must be done, without end.

  • Chores and Children: Kids Must do Chores, it's Vital We All Work as a Family

    Be it resolved that the truth of kids doing chores is: ‘we all need to work as a family.’

    Opposed: How do you know that’s true?

    Affirmative: it’s self-evident: it’s our home and we need to work together for it to be peaceful and healthy

    Even if by 'working together' you mean one's the boss and everyone else is a minion?

  • Chores and Children: Kids Must do Chores because Parents Need a Break

    Be it resolved that the truth of kids doing chores is ‘mom/dad needs a break.’

    Opposed: How do you know that’s true?

    Affirmative: I/we work hard

    Opposed: Good. Hard work is good for people, especially their mental health.

  • Chores and Children: Kids Must Do Chores to Learn How to do Chores

    Be it resolved that the truth of kids doing chores is ‘they need to learn how.’

    ... argue that point in the affirmative, and see where it gets you...

  • Chores and Children: Fallacy #3 It's Kids' Bad Attitude That Needs Fixing

    Question 1. How can I improve my kids’ attitudes toward helping out at home?

    Short answer: good luck with that.