• Parenting Is Not a Sacrifice

    It isn't sacrifice.

    It is hard work, and often thankless work (and, no, having people gush in awe about the noble sacrifice is not at all like feeling appreciated, or paid, for it). It is often work that will push a person over the far edge of what they thought they could do with limited energy and total exhaustion...

  • Pros & Cons of Attachment-Style Parenting

    A more realistic view of the real Pros and Cons of Attachment-Style Parenting:

    Cons: 1. Huge time suck: Think 'most of 20 years.' When I was asked why  spend so much time engaged this closely with my children, my simple answer was 'I like them, and I like spending time with them,' as true in their infancy as it was in their toddlerhood, teens and twenties. I wanted to care for them as much as I cared about them.

    Pros: 1. Independent, adventurous, self-confident...~ 3. Strong trust, a benefit to me