Chores and Children: Kids Must do Chores, it's Vital We All Work as a Family

    Little girl cleans the yard with broom, by Nenad Stojkovik, cc/attrib+comm use from: https://www.flickr.com/photos/nenadstojkovic/49770369543/in/photolist-2iQ39TH-2k8oFmG-2k8oFC8-JDGeei-JDAkeM-JLuHEc-JHqX5f-JDzq6T-6qmhdB-JLq5Pr-pDahhV-JBmrVy-JDEzGM-8nDF1K-JHrivq-V6ioPx-JkCyco-JkCqTL-JLpW88-7hW45Q-HQfLkT-HQjbcf-7np8DL-2kiWsEp-2kN3Lqq-2kbSV5u-2kbSVaj-2kbSUZe-2k8oDDo-NUf8Wb-2kN3JR8-2kL4CoB-a2mKjy-5GhvDy-MpCApr-JBn6rW-JLpH5V-JHriEd-HQfowc-hgCeGV-D5dfev-9VTny-RskkTW-E2AWAa-8PPPJS-8Z9YL2-RskmEW-RskmkY-2k8sYkn-Rskm9WReposting a blog series for 2011 about kids and chores, you can read the original of this one here.

    A whole family

    Be it resolved that the truth of kids doing chores is: ‘we all need to work as a family.’

    Opposed: How do you know that’s true?

    Affirmative: it’s self-evident: it’s our home and we need to work together for it to be peaceful and healthy

    Opposed: A bit of a circle of logic, there, but how ‘healthy’ is it to put kids in a position of opposition to the people they need to live? How peaceful is it to order people around? How peaceful do you find resistance and rebellion?

    Affirmative: we’re all equal in our home

    Opposed: Y’are not. Who selects which chores are really on the list? Who has veto?

    Affirmative: well, someone has to lead!

    Opposed: Doubtless. Does it always get to be the same person?

    Opposed: ‘Leadership’ engages voluntary cooperation. Dictatorship engages ‘doesn’t matter how you feel about it’ obedience (and resistance and rebellion.) What do you do when they choose not to participate?

    Opposed: Perhaps more importantly, what are they allowed to do when you choose not to participate?


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