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You are a busy parent under stress.


You've tried the advice of authors, experts, family and friends for the answers you seek, 'how to create the family I dream of'... and you have created a healthier family than the one you grew up in...


... and still you struggle. Maybe their kids are different. Maybe their theories are based on their own experience. Maybe you just have 'different' children. Maybe it's just you.


All you know for sure is that it's not working.


Your home is too often a place of conflicts, sibling rivalry, power struggles, yelling, tantrums and bad feelings... you are worried, in the dark of a silent night awake and alone, that you are making serious mistakes.


You're frustrated and done, ready to give up, but you hold onto the belief that a peaceful and connected family is possible... for you.


If only you could find the key, it feels like it would make all the difference in your home:


  • kids who come to you when they're struggling

  • peaceful and respectful negotiations among siblings

  • rare, or {dreams!} even non-existent, yelling or fighting

  • a sense of real safety and security, without underlying tension or worries

  • a true partnership between parents (or true co-parenting with the best for the kids as the top priority)

  • kids who can stand up for what they want and need, with respect and kindness

We can see, for you, a future that includes:


  • cooperative children who seek out your company, advice, and support

  • peace of mind, with the certain knowledge that you are exactly what your children need

  • clear, positive and effective communication that keeps the peace and helps everyone feel heard and understood

  • the 'village' you've been told you need to raise a child

  • the sense of freedom you get from feeling no pressure to be anyone other than yourself as a parent

  • a clear strategy for the future as a leader in your family

Books, Blogs, Workshops, Videos, Podcasts

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