Family Law Communication & Coaching (for parents)

Help your clients move through the process more quickly and easily, with more skills and strength than they came in with...

Stop getting emails that have little or nothing you can use for the case, so you aren't scanning novel-length rants for actionable information

Spend less time on each client file so you can help more parents-in-conflict get an equitable settlement, faster, so you can do what you entered Family Law to accomplish

Co-Parent Coaching

Family Law Communication & Coaching Package (for parents)

Self-paced online course that will enable your clients to 'help themselves' to a more effective communication model, and get you out of 'therapist' mode

Coaching for parents

Online course for parents

Targeted solutions

Help parents identify their real goals and values, and keep them focused on what is really important to them in this process (their children)

Experienced parent coach who can meet with lawyers to create solutions that meet the children's needs without requiring either parent to give up too much

Keep your hours billable

Lower your email volume

So many family law clients find themselves stuck in a cycle of conflict they don't know how to escape ... 

Conflicts that hurt their children, waste their time and money, create stress for everyone ... and use resources from your law office far beyond the scope of a legal practice

Instead of being therapist, coach, counsellor, mediator and impatient parents to your clients, refer them to Raising Parents.

When families break down, everyone suffers

Get your clients a more efficient and effective means to handle their parenting conflicts, without every point of every dispute coming through you

What the package includes

Confidential ThriveParent coaching sessions, Understand & Be Understood self-paced online course, consultation with legal teams (in mediation or individually.) Priced from $975

Serve more clients