Spend more time on love

Get a more efficient and effective means to handle your parenting conflicts, without every point of every dispute going through your lawyer

What the package includes

Confidential ThriveParent coaching sessions, Understand & Be Understood self-paced online course, consultation with legal teams (in mediation or individually.) 

Family Law Communication & Coaching (for parents)

Gain the skills you need to move through the process more quickly and easily, with more strength than you started with...

Eliminate the non-stop bickering by email or text, and learn the strategies for more skilful negotiations & easy communication

Spend less time and energy on the disputes and accusations, and re-focus your energy on the people you love, and the peaceful home and future you want

Co-Parent Coaching


Family Law Communication & Coaching Package (for parents)

Learn to master your biggest communcation challenges, and take back your personal power by controlling how you react to having your buttons pushed

Parent coaching sessions

Online course for self-study

Targeted solutions

Spend time with an experienced and knowledgeable parenting coach, to find solutions to your family conflicts that take your family into account, and puts your kids needs first

Discover the right solutions for your family, to get what you most want and need without giving up everything, and without fighting endlessly over things you can't win

Lower your legal bills

Lower your email volume

So many divorces and custody battles put the wants and needs of the parents (or the precedents of the law) ahead of what is best for the children.

However you feel about your ex (which is probably related to why they are becoming your ex) your children in common means the need remains to find a peaceful and easy way to continue dealing with mutual decisions that now affect 2 households...

When families break down, everyone suffers