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Linda Clement and a nephew
Linda Clement, ThriveParent coach, author, & speaker

Deep Dive ThriveParenting 


Confidential Coaching Program (12 sessions) with Linda Clement, parenting coach

"Providing families tactical and actionable advice to make changes that last"

Linda has this amazing superpower that allows her to uncover family dynamics and situations that make things complicated for the family. Her expertise and knowledge are especially useful, but the best thing is that she provides tactical and actionable advice that you can start using right away. She makes her sessions fun and interactive and has helped my husband and me to better understand our16 year old girl. Less tears, less stress, more meaningful connections. Thank you, Linda!!  ~Andrea Ricárdez

What's Included

Our Deep Dive ThriveParenting series is designed to take parents from the struggle of trying not to replicate their families-of-origin to thriving with new understanding of the dynamics of their family, communication skills that strengthen their bonds, and handling the ups and downs of hormones, struggles, conflicts and changes with ease.


Imagine feeling calm and confident most of the time...


Imagine feeling confident and ready to handle all of the things to come:

  • talking about sex and drugs and all the Big Issues

  • changing hormones and developing brains

  • meeting each child's individual needs

  • the inevitable conflicts of living and growing together


Imagine having the strong social support network families need...


Parents who benefit from our premium program are:

Our programs may not be right for you...

Many parents aren't prepared for the soul-searching challenges involved in stepping up to deepening their connections and honing their skills to become leaders as parents... and that's okay. 


Some parents need more support of a different kind, first. Whether it's therapy for childhood trauma, or treatment for problematic habits, many people aren't yet in a position to really work on their parenting skills at a deep level. It can be too challenging to family taboos, or just too painful and overwhelming to touch.


We can still help, with some more specific skill building or through self-directed and self-paced courses that are less intense to go through. Some people are ready for the more basic Family Skills & Stragegy program... which is also a more apt program for people genuinely will never need the Deep Dive...


There are parents who are struggling in their partnership, with a parent who is too disengaged from the family or relationship, or too defensive to commit to working on their family dynamics or parenting skills... that's okay, too. We can work with one parent at a time, on their skills and and strategies when they are seeking to improve... and we might suggest the Families in Conflict program, instead, to work on communicating more effectively together even if ultimately there is not an intact family unit.


And some parents just don't work well with Linda's quirky, light-hearted and often very direct style of coaching. Whether you're a parent who needs a softer, more sombre approach, or just very reactive to sardonic wit, we know that Linda is not everyone's cup of tea... and that's okay, too.


We happily refer parents to the program, course, book, or other expert helper (therapist or coach) we think is the most suitable to each parent.