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Confidential ThriveParenttm Coaching Packages

This package includes everything in the previous two packages, plus:


Uncovering the problem beliefs, inner critic, and taboos you absorbed from your childhood, so you can stop them before they spread into your family (or eradicate any that have already infiltrated.)


You will master the art of Deep Listening to effectively understand your children's emotional world, so you can connect and guide them more easily, and, importantly, through hard changes.

This package includes everything in the Family Skills and Strategy package, plus:


Learn more about who you are, and who your children are, to work more effectively toward your goals, while meeting the individual needs of each of your children.


Discover where that 'village' is, and how to access it, while mastering your own Hot Button panel, so you can feel more regulated, and help your kids learn the skills.


Plus effective negotiation skills...

Using your goals and values to create the family of your dreams...


You will discover the communication techniques that have been making things worse, and what really works to help kids cooperate, open up and share their struggles.


You will work on the aspects of parenting that you struggle with, while learning to handle criticism and advice with kindness and strength.

...and plan a Family Strategy for today and the future.