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The Way & The Power of Mothering

9.    Power

In mothering lies great power

It is easy for mother to think the child's life is hers to control

That the child is to be molded to her ideal, his flaws hers to correct

Right mothering recognizes this false beliefA wise mother knows only her own flaws are for her to correct

The child comes whole, to mold himself for his own life

The power in motherhood is in the strength of supporting and loving and of being present

        Which is hard enough

Lazy Parenting, parenting a simpler way

 18.  No Negotiations, why negotiations are stressful to children ... 

Why are negotiations stressful to children?Because no matter what kind of egalitarian belief any adult might hold on the subject, children instinctively know something adults have long forgotten:

children are not and cannot be equal to adults

Not even the law declares them so. They aren't, period. Wishing cannot make it so.

Why can't children be equal to adults? Because they have a different set of needs from the adults than the adults have from the children. Children know they need the continued goodwill of their parents to survive. Parents are not vulnerable in this way to losing the approval and affection of their children.


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 Lazier Parenting, chaotic to peaceful

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Available now

Lazier Parenting, from chaotic to peaceful families

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Linda's Books

The Manual Your Child Came With, a parenting book about your child

by Linda Clement


The Manual Your Child Came With, a parenting book about your child

by Linda Clement

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