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"Before purchasing and reading this book, I was a fan of Linda Clement's other work, including her blog. In this book, Clement once again uses her eloquent writing style to distill her wisdom and experience into short but powerful messages. . .This book has reminded me to take a deep breath and place trust in myself and my child, and to allow my child to develop and flourish in her own way, at her own pace."

Click here to open a new window to Linda's Blog, posts starting 2020, on topics ranging from scary stalking behaviour in tweens, celebrating during Covid-19 shutdowns, isolation and quarrantine,  and helping kids cooperate with chores.


"Thanks for sharing! Hubby tested positive Wednesday and is quarantined in 6yo’s room and 6yo, 5mo, and I are trapped in the rest of the house. Going to be a long winter! 😜 And I should say trapped in the rest of our small apartment. We’ve had to be very creative!"


Click here to open a new window with Linda's Old Blog ... posts dating 2006-2020, on topics ranging from why school is detrimental to children to why Alfie Kohn is amazing, and how to 'get' kids more enthusiastic about helping around the house.


"You wrote a fabulous blog post about not assuming that a medical professional knows every parenting related topic. I share it often."


"I'm loving reading through your blog, what you say makes so much sense. I need to figure out how to deal with the guilt though of constantly thinking "Why didn't I know and see this when my kids were actually little?" Gotta keep trusting that keeping on doing my best with my current knowing is going to be enough..."


"Excellent points as usual Linda." 


Book Your Free Family Clarity Call

with Linda Clement, ThriveParenting Coach

by Linda Clement, 2017

"Too bad you didn't write this before I had kids --bloody typical, kids are so inconsiderate!" 

"Lazy Parenting could be called Parenting Made Simple, and is written with witty pragmatism and a deep, abiding respect for children.
Linda humanizes the parental experience with earthy common sense and mindful questions, offering life skills everyone can utilize. To quote the author directly, she states this truism, 'we [parents] do not possess [children], we chaperone.' This guide to easy parenting will be a well-worn reference in any parent's library." 
The Way & the Power of Mothering

~Diane Young (Linda's mom)

Lazy Parenting, parenting a simpler way

by Linda Clement, 2017

~Amazon 5-star review by Motsie

~Penny Briggs

~Nina P.

~Laura Gregoriou

~Valerie Sparks

~Karen MacKay